8 Easy Ways to Start Your Spring Cleaning Now!

Spring cleaningAre you behind on your spring cleaning? Are you dreading all the hard labor that comes with ridding all the winter dirt, dust, and grime from your home?

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a laborious hassle! Check out our 8 cleaning tips to help you through spring cleaning a little more easily.

Take the Dust Off Your Lampshades – Tired of pushing all the dust around on your lampshades instead of just getting rid of the dust? Use a lint roller to clean the dust off easily!

Scrub Away Stains in Your Couch Easily – If your microfiber couch has seen better days, grab some rubbing alcohol and scrub away the stains with a sponge and brush. The alcohol will draw out the stain and will leave the couch looking like new!

Make Your Blinds Look Brand New – Everyone dreads dusting every little part of the plastic blinds that hang in the windows. Now there’s an easier way to clean them! Simply soak your blinds in a bathtub with a combination of water and bleach or water and vinegar. They’ll come out looking brand-new!

Freeze Out Your Votives – Do you have old candles stuck in your small votive holders? Remove them the easy way by freezing them! The wax will shrink and fall right out, leaving you with a space to put a new votive!

Nuke the Germs on Your Sponges – The next time you’re washing your dishes, take your damp sponge and stick it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. This will kill all the germs on your sponge!

Make Cleaning the Microwave Easy – You don’t have to scrub your microwave endlessly anymore. Just mix vinegar and water together in a bowl and set the microwave for about 10 minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the microwave down – the gunk will come off easily!

Move Furniture Smarter – The old rules of spring cleaning dictated that you need to take all of your furniture out of the room to get everything cleaned well. Save time and effort by moving your furniture slightly left or right to where they were, clean there, and move them back into position!

Save Time Cleaning the Floors – Use a combination wash-and-wax floor cleaner to make your floors sparkle. Don’t feel guilty about saving time!

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