Want to Avoid Those Lint “Fuzzies”? Read About the 3 Levels of Lint-Free Products!

lint free cleaning productIt’s spring, and you know what that means – it’s officially car-washing season! But don’t you hate it whenever you’re drying your sparkling-clean car with a certain product that little lint pieces get smeared all over your car? It can be quite aggravating and make you feel as if you haven’t accomplished much!

Not all products are like that, though! There are some types that will produce more lint than others… and there are some that will barely produce any! Here we will show you the three different levels of lint-free products. Check them out below!

When you think about the levels of lint and being lint-free, it all begins with the material. Cotton, for example, is made of many fibers that are spun into a yarn, and it is a natural fiber. By its nature, cotton is not lint-free; however, it is very absorbent! With that in mind, depending on how they are knit, some cotton rags can actually be more lint-free than other materials! The tighter the knit is, the less linty the material will be. A good example is comparing a bed sheet and a sweater. The bed sheet is much more tightly woven, so it will be way less linty!

The next level up on the lint-free ladder is blended materials. Microfibers are a perfect example of a blend. Microfiber is made from 80% polyester for less lint and greater strength and 20% polyamide, a.k.a. rayon, for absorption. This helps the material produce less lint while being more absorbent!

Finally, on the highest part of the lint-free scale are the synthetic fibers such as polyester, which is a solid strand that liquids cannot penetrate. Unlike cotton, which can absorb in, on, around, and between the fibers, polyester catches liquid in between its strands. Since the material is a solid strand, it’s very lint-free!

So remember next time when you wonder which materials you should use to clean (and won’t leave those annoying little lint pieces everywhere), the levels of lint-free go like this from most lint to the least:




We at U. S. Wiping provide a large array of wiping materials for you to take advantage of, no matter what it is you’re cleaning. You’ll find a huge assortment of cottons, blends, synthetics, and other materials for you to use at our website. Check out our products – we’ve been serving the nation with superior products for over 100 years!


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