Give Your Wallet a Break – Invest in Our New Huck Towels!

new huck surgical towelsCleaning can be a costly endeavor, especially when you use disposable cloths or towels. It might only cost you just a few bucks to grab a roll or two for whenever you need to clean, but how much money could you save if you never had to purchase paper towels? Quite a bit, actually!

Want to know a great solution that will help give your wallet a well-deserved break? Invest in some durable, lint-free huck towels!

Huck towels are popularly used in the medical industry for wiping down surgical tools after they have been sterilized. They are also used in several other scenarios that require a strong, clean towel such as auto detailing, window washing, and professional housecleaning. Huck towels are perfect for tough and important cleaning jobs because they are incredibly durable, extremely absorbent, and lint-free.

Perhaps the best part about huck towels is that they are reusable! You can use them over and over again by washing them; they launder just like regular towels with no special treatment needed. Their design allows them to retain their advantages over a long life of several washings, adding value to your cleaning repertoire and giving you more bang for your buck.

If you’re looking to start saving some serious money while getting the cleaning that you need to do done, look no further than U.S. Wiping! We provide an array of cleaning rags, including huck towels. When you order a bag of our huck towels, you will get 50 100% cotton, extremely absorbent, durable 16”x24” rags that are hemmed on all four sides. Our huck towels come in 6 different vibrant colors – blue, jade green, yellow, orange, pink, and white – and are perfect for all types of cleaning.

Start saving money now. Visit us online at to check out our stock and order your huck towels and other cleaning supplies today!


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