Keep Your Workstation Clean and Save Loads of Cash With Our Striped Cotton Bar Towels!

bar mop towelsWhether you own a restaurant or bar or you cook and clean in your own home, it’s important to keep a hygienic workstation and surrounding area. Too often we unwittingly spread germs and disease around, even when we are trying to clean our spaces. Simply touching a contaminated surface and then touching another surface can spread germs quickly in a location. How much more could the germs spread when you attempt to clean up a spill or mess with one towel and then use that same towel to dry off already-clean surfaces?

A simple solution could be utilizing paper towels to clean up any messes in your workstation, but the cost will add up quickly. Luckily, there’s an even better solution out there for you – use cotton bar towels and mops with different colors!

Why does it matter that these clothes are in different colors? Simple – it helps you color-code your cleaning system. For example, you could use cotton bar towels with blue stripes to clean the bathroom, cotton bar towels with yellow stripes to clean up any messes and food-related spills, and cotton bar towels with green stripes for deep cleaning in the kitchen. You will find that in using color-coded cotton bar towels that the possibility of spreading germs and disease around decreases greatly.

Your wallet will profit from using color-coded towels and mops as well. Think about it. How often do you purchase paper towels for your business or home? Probably frequently, especially if you own a business. Using color-coded towels will greatly help in cutting down the amount of money you would typically spend on paper towels. Once you’re done cleaning up, just toss the towels in the laundry and wash them. You will have them ready for your next cleaning session, absolutely free!

If you’re ready to have a more hygienic workstation and more money in your wallet, start by investing in our cotton bar towels and mops! These are top-of-the-line, 100% cotton towels that are perfect for general maintenance tasks and are very durable and absorbent. We also feature bar mop towels with colored stripes to help you with your color coding!

Ready to get started? Call us at 314-421-3311 or visit us online at! We have plenty of great products for just about any mess, spill, or need you might have!


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