7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Microfiber Cloths Can Do

microfiber clothsMany of us use microfiber cloths for things like dusting and cleaning mirrors, but did you know these absorbent towels have many other uses you probably haven’t considered? The multi-purpose use, durability, and affordability of microfiber cloths are what make them a great all-around cleaning tool. The best part is that they last a long time, and they are an environmentally friendly alternative! Once you’re done with your cleaning, you simply throw them in the washing machine, and they are ready for next time!

Learn about these 7 things you might not have known that your microfiber cloths can do below!

Make the Kitchen Sparkle – Microfibers are great for removing dirt and food particles from kitchen surfaces and appliances. They are also gentle but tough enough to clean granite countertops and make them shine!

Streak-Free Window Cleaning – If you’re looking for a streak-free shine with just water, microfibers will become your new sidekick when it comes to cleaning those widows!

Sayonara, Television Smudges – TVs and touchscreen items can be damaged by using paper towels. Microfiber cloths are a safe and affordable alternative for cleaning these objects and won’t scratch their surfaces.

Tough on Stains – You know those tough stains you work so hard to remove? Next time try using a damp microfiber. They are able to pick up dirt and other particles from items, just as they can easily be used for dusting.

Eradicate Shower Residue – Next time you’re trying to remove dirt and residue from your shower walls, reach for the microfiber instead!

Swiffer’s Super Sidekick – Quit buying refills for your Swiffer mop; instead, stick a microfiber on your Swiffer next time! Using a microfiber will save you money and they are a great eco-friendly alternative.

Polishing Power – When it comes to polishing, say hello to your new secret weapon! Whether it’s jewelry or appliances, microfiber can help make it shine!

Are you convinced that microfiber cloths are the answer to your cleaning needs? If so, US Wiping can take care of all of your cleaning needs with a case! You can purchase your microfibers in a variety of colors from our website at http://uswiping.com/microfiberwipersandmops.aspx


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