7 Resolutions to Make for a Cleaner House

make cleaning easierNew Year’s has come and gone – no doubt you had an enjoyable time celebrating with your family or friends at your home. Once the festivities are over, however, it’s time for cleanup… and that can be quite daunting, to say the least. Perhaps you’re starting to wonder if cleaning will ever become easier in the future instead of constantly staying a huge chore that keeps being placed on the backburner.

No worries! Here are 7 easy cleaning goals for you to strive for in 2015! These easy-to-implement changes will really help lighten your cleaning load and let you get back to the things you enjoy doing!

Manage the Mail Immediately – Is that huge pile of mail looking more and more intimidating? Make life easier by taking care of the mail as soon as you nab it from the mailbox. Feel free to open the mail over a trashcan or recycle bin so that the junk mail can go away right away!

Tidy Up Nightly – If you leave things to pile up, cleaning can become quite overwhelming quickly. Just before bedtime every night, do a walk-through of your home. Put away anything that wandered out during the day into its rightful place, place newspapers in the recycling bin, ditch the junk mail, load the dishwasher, hang up coats and towels, and so on. A general pick-up every night will keep the clutter in-check and help your home stay tidier longer!

Use Waste Baskets Everywhere – Having a small trashcan in every room will make clean up (and trash night) go much more smoothly. Place a small trashcan in each room and empty it weekly or as needed.

Put Cleaning Supplies on All Levels – Isn’t it a pain to drag all of your cleaning supplies from the main floor to the upstairs and then to the basement to clean every single time? Avoid lugging around all those supplies by keeping a full set of cleaning supplies on each floor of your home. Additionally, make sure that they’re kept in a plastic, easy-to-carry caddy for safe-keeping!

Remove Shower Scum As It Appears – Tubs are a tough to scrub after mildew and scum settle in. A daily shower cleaning, however, will help keep your shower and tub surfaces scum-free and mildew-free! Just mist the surfaces immediately after you shower (and ask your family to help as well) while the walls are still warm and wet, then wipe away the excess moisture.

Use More Baskets – Baskets are the best weapons you never knew you had when it comes to keeping your home clean and organized. They come in many different sizes and work nicely when it comes to storing toys, magazines, remotes, unopened mail, and many other items that you use every day but don’t quite have a proper home for. Place baskets of varying sizes in your home and give those oddball items a proper home!

Make Vacuum a Snap – Don’t lug one huge vacuum cleaner all over the home. Instead, keep a small, hand-held cordless vacuum on-hand to make cleaning painless! Consider using multiple vacuums on different levels of your home so you don’t have to worry about hauling the same one up and down the stairs all the time.

Don’t forget that a proper cleaning requires the right tools for the job. U. S. Wiping has been supplying the Greater St. Louis region along with the entire nation with superior cleaning products for over 100 years! Check out our stock at www.uswiping.com to get started today!


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