8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

clean bathroomThe confined and often damp confines of the bathroom can bring forth many unpleasant odors, which can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, you don’t have to let your bathroom’s odor get the best of you! Read about these 8 handy tips to help keep your bathroom fresh!

Keep the Air Circulation Up – Airflow is essential in a damp place like the bathroom. Be sure to turn on the overhead fan, open a window, and leave the bathroom door open for fresh air, especially after you take a hot, steamy shower. This will not only keep the bathroom fresh, but it will also get rid of the humidity, which could case mildew to grow.

Air Out Towels – Towels get damp pretty quickly in the bathroom and need some room to air out so they don’t get that stale, musty smell clinging to them. Dry them out properly by installing towel racks that are wide enough to spread them out – they’ll dry much more quickly and thoroughly. Also, avoid hanging multiple damp towels together or putting them on a hook on the back of the door.

Check for Leaks – When you have water dripping on cabinets or laying on the floor, it can cause odors to appear. Make sure to check under the sink and behind the toilet for any leaky pipes that might need repairing. If you happen to find anything suspicious, be sure to call in an expert plumber to get the job done correctly.

Clear Out the Trash – Make it a habit to take out the trash in the bathroom regularly, even if it’s more than weekly. Getting rid of the trash at frequent intervals will help tone down any odors that might appear. Also, using a plastic liner in the trashcan will make taking trash out easier and help keep the wastebasket clean.

Keep the Curtains Closed – After you get out of the shower, it’s a good rule of thumb to pull the shower curtain and the liner at least partially closed. This will allow air to circulate within the folds, which lets the curtain to dry faster. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to see and smell any potential mildew forming.

Add a Scent – There’s no reason to deal with stale, musty smells in the bathroom. Make your bathroom a sanctuary by using air fresheners or odor neutralizers to help eradicate bad odors and keep the air smelling great. Burn your favorite candle to turn it into an instant oasis.

Freshen Up the Fabrics – It’s easy for fabrics to smell musty in the moist environment of the bathroom. Take out the smell by laundering the towels and washcloths at least once a week. Additionally, wash the bathmat often as liquid is frequently absorbed after showers.

Keep It Clean – The best thing you can do to maintain a fresh bathroom is to be diligent on cleaning it. Make sure that the toilet stays fresh and clean and that your shower is wiped down from excess moisture. Go above and beyond by wiping down bottles, tubes, and the counters they’re on so that the sticky residues don’t contribute to any odor problems.

To keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling clean, you’ll need the best cleaning tools to help you get the job done. Check out the supplies we have at U.S. Wiping by visiting our store online at www.uswiping.com.


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