4 Steps to a Shiny and Streak-Free Car!

waxing carCold weather is officially behind us and we all know what that means – time to give your car some much-needed TLC! Warm weather and sunshine call for long car rides with the windows down and radio up. Show off your beautiful ride with these helpful tips on how to get that perfect shine!

The Best Car Wash Is Done By Hand

When washing your car, the best way to cover every spot is to do it yourself! Hand washing allows you to take your time and use the best products for all surfaces of your car. Contrary to popular belief, dishwashing detergent is not the best option for a cleaning solution. While it may get your vehicle squeaky-clean, it also has the potential to strip the surface of any protective wax coating, exposing your car to possible scratches and stains. A carwash solution is the best way to go when hand washing your car! When you’re done washing, dry the surface with a rubber-blade squeegee in order to remove any mineral residue left behind after the water evaporates. If there are any areas that still contain contaminants after the wash such as bird droppings or bugs, use specific contaminate remover and apply more pressure to the specific area.

Polish Your Car Like a Pro

The next step after washing is to apply a car polish to remove any remaining grease, dirt, scrapes, and scratches. Polish can come in the form of creams, sprays, and liquids, and it contains solvents that allow your car’s surface to shine like new. Apply a generous amount of polish onto a microfiber or lint-free cloth, and it will work wonders! Spread the polish onto the surface of the vehicle in a circular motion or use an electric car polisher. Just be careful not to polish too much or you might remove paint, exposing the primer or undercoat!

Protect the Shine With a Wax

Wax is used after the polish to act as a sealant and add another layer of shine. The layer of wax will protect your car from UV rays and prevent pollution and dust from damaging the surface. It is best to apply a thin, even layer of wax because too much could damage the paint. Waxes that contain natural ingredients will increase the lifespan of your car. We recommend waxing your car once every three months, but polishing only needs to be done when necessary. Always test whatever wax or polish you choose on a small area of your car to make sure it doesn’t leave any lasting effects on your car!

Don’t Forget the Glass… or the Microfiber!

Save this part for last because your windows may have some grime collected from the other steps. Find a glass cleaner without ammonia and use a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking. We offer the perfect microfiber cloths for automobiles! Order yours today at http://uswiping.com/automotivewipers.aspx and get your car shining like new!

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