5 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Fridge

cleaning fridgeThe end of May is nearing, which means you have probably already done your spring-cleaning for the year. The lights have been dusted, the floors mopped, and the stovetop rid of burnt food. Did you also know that your refrigerator is probably the most neglected part of your kitchen?

Here are some tips to getting the squeaky-clean fridge and preventing those sticky, smelly messes in the future! Remember to turn off your fridge before cleaning it out – you will save quite a bit of energy!

De-clutter your fridge

Start by cleaning the inside of the fridge shelf-by-shelf, starting from the top and working your way down. As you start consolidating, use your counter space to group similar items together. Staying organized minimizes future items from becoming expired. Be sure to check the expiration date and toss anything that’s long overdue. Check for spoilage or awful odors on any items without an expiration stamp. When in doubt, throw it out! Everything else that made the cut should be placed in ice in a cooler to avoid spoiling.

DIY Cleaners

Before you break out the chemicals to clean, there are great DIY cleaners that you can make using household items. Vinegar is great for scrubbing your shelves and eliminating bacteria. Another option is to use equal parts baking soda and water. Used all your baking soda to soak up those odors in the fridge? That’s okay! An alternative is to use salt, water, and lemon. Get one cup of salt and dissolve it into a gallon of hot water. Squeeze fresh lemon juice in your solution, and you’re ready to scrub!

Time to Clean!

Grab a microfiber cloth and start scrubbing those shelves and bins to eliminate any stickiness, dried up leaks, and any other grime that has been sitting there all winter long. Remove any drawers and shelves to make cleaning easier!

Check the seals of the fridge doors. It’s a guarantee you will find dust, grime, food particles, and even pet hair lodged in the crevices of the seals. Grab some hot water with a little bit of vinegar and a microfiber cloth and watch the gunk come out! Be sure to wash that rag once you’re done. The rag itself may need a little extra attention!

Be sure not to neglect the outside of the fridge! The door handles are full of bacteria since they are touched most often! Grab a clean rag to disinfect the handles and exterior. Vinegar is also stainless steel friendly, so don’t be timid using it on your shiny reflection.

Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

Store a box of baking soda in the back of your fridge to trap foul odors. Be sure to swap out the box every three months or your remedy will become ineffective. Don’t forget to label your fresh box with a date as a reminder of when you need to swap it out. Though baking soda may be a well-known remedy, soaking a cotton ball with vanilla extract is another great alternative. If your fridge needs a little more help than an open box of baking soda, kick it up a notch by adding fresh coffee grounds to your baking soda. The coffee smell will fade in time, taking the odors with it.

Keep It Simple

To make cleaning easier the next time you tackle your beastly fridge, consider putting Cling Wrap or Press N Seal on your freshly cleaned shelves. When you clear everything out next time, just lift and pull. Toss that sticky mess in the trash and replace it with a new layer.

Don’t forget to plug your fridge back in! Now that you’re inspired to cook, avoid putting food directly back in until your fridge has reach appropriate temperatures.

Performing a deep clean on a regular basis helps remove unwanted bacteria and germs that can be a health risk to you and your family. Use the best, sturdiest cleaning materials around by ordering yours from US Wiping! Find our many products online at www.uswiping.com!

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