Don’t Touch That! 7 Secretly Dirty Things We Touch Every Day

dirty things we handle every dayWhen we clean, we make sure to clean all the surfaces that we associate with dirt, grime, and food. We even clean floors, walls, and the occasional light fixtures, yet we ignore some of the most unsanitary objects in our living space! We either assume some of these things are clean after a quick wipe down or use them so often that we just don’t think about cleaning them in the first place.

Most of these are right in front of our noses and are luckily relatively easy to fix. Check out these 7 filthy things you touch every day!

Cell Phone – This first one is the one you probably handle the most! Most people use their phone so often that the thought of it being a haven for germs doesn’t cross their minds. Yet there can be more bacteria on a phone than on a toilet seat! So before you bring your phone to your face again, consider wiping it down with something that will sanitize all its surfaces, not just de-smudge the screen.

Pillow – Think about it: night after nigh, you keep your head on this one spot, yet you don’t clean it as often as the clothes you wear daily, which get thrown in the wash! Over time, dead skin cells, natural body oils, pollens, and other forms of dust build up and make your pillow one of the dirtiest spots in your living space. Be sure to wash your pillow regularly and replace it around every six months!

Money – Almost all of us handle cash and change every day. We often even hold bills less than 24 hours, receiving them from one source and handing them back off a few hours later. In that time, the bill comes in contact with multiple people and multiple other bills carrying just as many germs and bacteria. Be sure to wash your hands immediately after handling money! Extra tip: sanitize your credit cards to keep them from harboring bacteria.

Kitchen Sponge – There’s something strange about the object you use to clean the kitchen being so dirty. Yet if you read our last blog, you know that’s where the germs make their last ditch effort to spread! The kitchen sponge comes in contact with so many different kinds of bacteria that it’s a breeding ground for new growth. Be sure to swap out your sponge every few days at the absolute longest!

Showerhead – Here’s another thing that’s supposed to clean that’s a haven for germs and bacteria! While on the outside you may keep your showerhead clean, the dark, warm, and wet inside is the perfect place for germs to grow. Keeping this one at bay is a bit more complicated. You’ll have to disconnect the showerhead in order to scrub what you can reach and soak what you can’t. Use a strong cleaner to kill the germs and reattach and reseal the head using a waterproof caulk to keep it working as it should!

Restaurant Menus – When you go to a restaurant, you’re going with everyone who’s had that menu before you! Even if it looks clean, it’s like money. You know a bunch of people have handled it before you and it hasn’t been washed since. Keep a small packet of wet sanitizing wipes with you to clean the menu before you handle it! Plus, you can make sure your hands are ready to handle food as well.

Faucet Handles – Whenever you go to a sink, it’s because something is dirty. When you go to turn on the faucet, you transfer the germs from your hands to the handles but don’t wash the handles before you shut off the water. This lets the germs just sit and wait for the next person to do the same thing! So how can you keep them clean? Turn them on and off with a paper towel. You’ll keep your hands from contaminating the surface on the way in and from getting contaminated on the way out!

Bacteria and germs are around us every day. No matter how many precautions you take, you will be exposed to germs and bacteria. So whenever you’re coming in contact with a dirty object, be smart! Wash your hands after using it and keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. And don’t forget to sanitize on top of cleaning! Head over to US Wiping at for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs!


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